Collin College Student Led Private Discord

Rules and Guidelines

You must agree and adhere to both our server rules and discord's community guidelines which are posted below.

Server Rules

1. We are adults, please remember to not act like children

2. Profanity is allowed in this server, use it as you wish but please use common snese.  You can view the banned words list by asking staff and they will send it to you.

3. Be respectful to other's ideas.  Talking shit is allowed, but know that everyone has their boundaries

4. If you feel hurt by someone's comment, let an administrator know and they will converse with me to handle the situation.  No 3rd parties please (Including Collin College).  I would like to handle everything that needs to be addressed.

5. If you have an issue with anyone on the server, please go to an administrator, moderator, or me, the owner to discuss it.  We don't like removing people or asking people to leave, but we will do it, granted if we deem it necessary.

6. You have to be a Collin College student to join this server (unless you have questions, then you will get a special locked down role).  You must verify yourself using our verification form that you will find on the server.  If someone is verified, you will see the @verifiedstudent role assigned to them.  This is a manual process so please be patient.

7. This chat is for students only.  DO NOT ADD TEACHERS, TA's, or FACULTY to this server.  If you do, you will be removed from the server and not allowed back no questions asked.

Discord Community Guidelines

This is a summary of Discord Community Guidelies, if you would like to read specifics, please click the link below

Respect Each Other
Do not promote, coordinate, or engage in harassment. 

We also do not allow the coordination, participation, or encouragement of sexual harassment, such as sending unsolicited sexually suggestive content, unwanted sexualization, or attacks on sexual activity.
Do not use hate speech or engage in other hateful conduct.

We consider the following to be protected characteristics: age; caste; color; disability; ethnicity; family responsibilities; gender; gender identity; housing status; national origin; race; refugee or immigration status; religious affiliation; serious illness; sex; sexual orientation; socioeconomic class and status; source of income; status as a victim of domestic violence, sexual violence, or stalking; and weight and size.

Do not threaten to harm another individual or group of people. T
Do not organize, promote, or support violent extremism. T.
Do not solicit, share, or make attempts to distribute content that depicts, promotes, or attempts to normalize child sexual abuse. Also, do not post content that in any way sexualizes children. This includes real as well as manipulated media, animation (such as lolicon), and any type of digital creation.
Do not solicit sexual content from or engage in any sexual conduct ("grooming”) with anyone under the age of 18.
‍We report child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and grooming to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Do not post sexually explicit content in user avatars, custom statuses or bios, server banners, server icons, invite splashes, emoji, stickers, or any other space that cannot be age-restricted.
Do not share sexually explicit or sexually suggestive content of other people without the subject’s knowledge and consent, 
Do not share content that glorifies, promotes, or normalizes suicide or other acts of physical self-harm. 
Do not share real media depicting gore, excessive violence, or animal harm, especially with the intention to harass or shock others.
Do not share content that violates anyone's intellectual property or other rights.  Discord’s Copyright & Intellectual Property Policy.

Be Honest
Do not share false or misleading information (otherwise known as misinformation). 
Do not misrepresent your identity on Discord in a deceptive or harmful way. 
Do not engage in activities that could damage or compromise the security of an account, network, or system. 
Do not use or attempt to use Discord to promote, coordinate, or execute financial scams. 
Do not engage in activities that fraudulently generate a profit at the expense of others. 

Respect Discord
Do not sell or purchase methods for artificially increasing server membership, such as via advertisements or botting.
Do not organize, promote, or engage in any illegal behavior, 
Do not abuse Discord products in any way
Do not evade permanent Discord-level enforcement actions. 
Do not use self-bots or user-bots. 
Do not mislead Discord’s support teams.